The Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (abbreviated to CEIDG) is a register of enterprises operated by natural persons in the territory of Poland. The register has been maintained since 1 July 2011 within an ICT system by the minister competent for the economy pursuant to the provisions of the Act on freedom of economic activity.

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If the legal form selected for pursuing economic activity is a partnership or a limited company, the registration entry is made into the National Court Register maintained by district courts competent for the seat of the enterprise being established. The forms required are available in courts.

Since 1 July 2011, new legal provisions of the Act on freedom of economic activity are in force and a new CEIDG 1 form of the application for registration of economic activity by a natural person is used, which replaced the previous EDG 1 form. The application also constitutes the notification for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)/Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS), Central Statistical Office and head of the Tax Office.

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