Irrespective of the form of your CEIDG 1 application, it is worth to remember the following rules:

Know: The entrepreneur has the right to start economic activity on the day on which the application for entry is submitted. The entry is made not later than on the working day following the day on which the correct application is delivered to CEIDG. The application for entry into CEIDG must be accompanied by the statement on the lack of prohibitions pronounced with regard the applicant, made under pain of criminal liability for making a false statement.
The entrepreneur has the right to indicate in the application for entry into CEIDG a later day of commencement of economic activity than the day of the application submission. An entrepreneur has an obligation to submit an application for change to the entry within 7 days from the day on which the data have changed at the latest.

Important: The tax identification number (NIP) is the identification number of the entrepreneur in CEIDG. When sole proprietorship is established, the private NIP number of a natural person becomes the number of the business. If you lose the certificate on granting the NIP number, you must submit NIP 5 form to the tax office to receive a duplicate. If you do not remember your NIP number, apply for a duplicate.

Remember: The entrepreneur can suspend economic activity for a period ranging from 30 days to 24 months. If the entrepreneur does not resume activity within 24 months, the entry will be deleted ex officio. The entrepreneur may resume activity before the expiry of 30 days from its suspension (28 or 29 in February). From the procedural point of view, there will be no legal effects (for tax, insurance) stemming from suspension.

Attention: The entrepreneur has an obligation to submit an application for deletion of entry within 7 days from the day of permanent cessation of economic activity.

New: The certificate of entry to CEIDG is a printout from the CEIDG website. Public administration authorities cannot demand from entrepreneurs to present, provide or attach to the application the certificates of entry into CEIDG. The certificates of granting the NIP and REGON numbers do not have to be presented to public administration authorities, when relevant numbers are stated in the application; in other cases the certificate was changed into statement.

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