To notify of ceasing to conduct economic activity, the entrepreneur needs to complete an application.

The form of the application for entry into CEIDG also constitutes the form of the application for deletion of entry from CEIDG.
Instruction on how to complete the CEIDG 1 form (polish)

Application for deletion of entry from CEIDG

The Application for deletion of entry from CEIDG:

1. on line – if your entry has already been transferred into CEIDG – using electronic signature, verified on the basis of qualified certificate, signature confirmed by means of entrusted profile in ePUAP, or personal signature referred to in legal provisions on personal identity cards, or using any other manner accepted by CEIDG that allows for definite identification of the person submitting the application and the time of submitting it.

2. in gmina office – in person or by registered mail (an application sent by registered mail should bear the handwritten signature of the applicant certified by a notary public).

Should the application for entry into CEIDG be incorrect:

1. if the application was submitted on line – CEIDG will immediately notify of the incorrect data in the application;
2. if the application was submitted in the gmina office – the body will immediately call for amending or supplementing the application within 7 working days.

The entrepreneur has an obligation to submit the application for deletion of entry within 7 days from the day of permanent cessation of economic activity.

The entrepreneur may also be deleted from CEIDG by way of administrative decision if:

1. effective prohibition on conducting economic activity was pronounced with regard to the entrepreneur;
2. it is found that the entrepreneur has permanently ceased conducting economic activity;
3. the entrepreneur has not submitted the application for entry of the information on resuming economic activity within 24 months from the day of suspending economic activity;
4. the entrepreneur has lost the right to conduct economic activity granted pursuant to Article 13(1) or (2) of the Act on freedom of economic activity;
5. the entry was made in breach of legal provisions;
6. an entry into the court register was made with regard to a one person limited company established as a result of transforming the status of an entrepreneur being a natural person who conducts economic activity on his/her own account.

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