NOTE! All activities related to the entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) operated by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland are FREE OF CHARGE.

For all cases offering entrepreneurs the registration fee should be approached with caution as these are commercial offers.

After creating an account in CEIDG, with e-signature you can confirm the request without having to visit any office.

Załóż konto

To download a confirmation, locate your entry in the businesses database.

Baza przedsiębiorców

Before filling out forms, prepare all the necessary information.

Przygotuj wniosek

How to sign the application?

 [see infographics]

When to apply?

 [see infographics]

What happens to your application?

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What to do to correct an entry imported from the municipal register?

If you want to correct your entry from the municipal register (or suspend, resume, close business) send a change application (selecting additional options).

To download a confirmation, locate your entry in the businesses database and select Print / Download PDF.

What you should know about the Civil Companies? [see infographics]

Prepare for completing the application...


rejestracja spółki z o.o. przez internet

Faster registration of a business  point  You can manage your entry online at home  point  Current data about your business  point  System automatically transfers data from the application to the Tax Office, Central Statistical Office, Social Security  point  Completely free of charge procedure